Jenny's Bosom Buddies Bowling Reservations

Reserve your spot for the fundraiser event now! 

July 27, 2024  -  1pm to 5:30pm
$20 Per Bowler for 2 Hours (Shoes Included)
100% of your payment for will go to Jenny*

Reservations for this event are made online.
If you have 4+ Bowlers you will be on your own lane(s). Additional Bowlers will be assigned to your lane if you do not sign up as a group of 4 or more. 

Here are some helpful tips to walk you through the reservation process. *See tabs labeled Date, Start Time, Bowlers, Etc...*

When you are ready, click the "Reserve Now" button below...

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Bowlers
  •  Select Jenny & Pay
Select July 27, 2024 from the calendar at the top of the reservations page.

*Then proceed to select your Starting Time*
Select a starting time between 1PM and 3:30PM
You can start bowling your 2 hours any time within these hours and 100% of your payment goes to Jenny.

~ 1 - 2PM is Regular Bowling ~
~ 3:30 - 5:30PM is Cosmic Bowling ~

* After selecting a time, proceed to Bowlers *
Select the number of Bowlers that will be on your lane

*We reccomend 4-6 Bowlers per lane*
**We will pair you up with other Bowlers if you have less than 4-5 Bowlers on your lane and we are sold out of lanes**

*After the Date, Time and Bowlers are selected:
Press Search Icon*
Click the green starting time for the Jenny's Bosom Buddies Fundraiser.
*Note: If time you chose is not available, the green time at this step is your new starting time*

Next, select "Login and Proceed"
*If you don't have an account for reservations, you will need to create one at this time by clicking "Register" under the blue "Login" button*
Next, select "Proceed and Pay"
*A popup will open for payment*
**Please enter billing details then select "Pay"**

Confirmation & Details
*At this point you may enter Bowler Details, However this step is optional.
Need more help with online reservations:
Call West County Lanes: (636) 227-1469.
We can walk you through the process if you get stuck.

Thank you,
Your West County Lanes Family
Jenny's Bosom Buddies

Jenny's Bosom Buddies

Thank you for considering!

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