Pinball League Registration

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Get started by reading up on the season, cost, team format, and scoring.


-8 Weeks


-Registration is free
-Weekly league fee per player     $6 ($24 per team) 
-Weekly coin needed per player  $4 ($16 per team)
-Total cost per-player-per week $10 ($40 per team)


Team Requirements:

-Teams will be playing in groups of 4 players.
-4 teams are needed for one league session to form.
-Players must be 18 years of age to join the league.


-There are 4 teams of 4 players.
-Each week players will be assigned a letter (A-B-C-D) which will put you in a scoring group.
-Scoring groups will be based on performance from previous weeks.
-Each team will play 4 machines indicated on their score card.
-All 4 players in the same scoring group will be ranked from each game and awarded points for finishing in position 1-2-3-4.
-First Place (6 Points), Second Place (4 Points), Third Place (2 Points), Fourth Place (0 Points).
-Each Player will have 4 oppertunities to earn up to 6 points for a grand total of 24 points.
-Each team will add up points earned by all 4 of their players to get their team score of 96 points total.
-Highest game and lowest (actual pinball game score) players will be awarded an additonal 2 points each (this can be the same person)
-A perfect team score is 100 points in one night!
-From week-to-week players will change classes and may be competing against different players but will be staying on the same machine with their 4 person teams to maintain social distancing.


-No Tilting
-Social Distancing must be followed (every-other-machine)
-Masks on when playing (you can take them off when at your table)

Pinball League Registration